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Is your culture getting the very best work out of your employees?

Pierre’s approach is to understand first, guide second. By identifying the real challenges faced by each individual, he offers the chance at real change. And by combining cutting edge research with humour, world events, (and even sometimes sports), Pierre communicates these ideas in the language of his audience: bringing the lessons home in real ways.


Is your workplace stagnant, dysfunctional, or even toxic, and you’re not sure why?

Pierre Battah has the experience in business and the expertise in HR and management to lead clients, keynote attendees, and entire companies from dysfunction to capable leadership. As one of the leading experts in developing capable, confident leadership, Pierre has a unique, powerful perspective on what shapes a healthy, motivated, mobilized workforce.


Having a hard time mobilizing, motivating, and getting the most out of your workforce?​

Most employees are able to tell when something is off at work, and most managers are able to see that there are areas in which they fall short. The problem arises when they seek to address those shortcomings, the tension, and the dysfunction.  Pierre guides clients to face their challenges with confidence.

Meet Pierre 


Pierre has worked in-depth with individuals and organizations from vastly different sectors and industries, and has taken his expertise on-air with the CBC. He has delivered hundreds of workshops and keynotes and has provided counsel to managers and management teams to improve the performance and develop the leadership skills of tens of thousands of people.

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Exercising Leadership

by Pierre Battah 

We need to inspire people to think differently about leadership. By thinking of leadership as adaptive, as an area of practice and as something you exercise, we can connect the dots between truly effective leadership and making real progress on our toughest challenges. 

"Pierre led a two day workshop with our senior people and he did a great job. The pace was just right, participants liked the stories, use of videos, music and the teasing in both official languages. The tips and tools will be of immediate help to our leaders as they return to their offices across the country."

- Sukhan Bains, CPA CGA, Porter Hétu International

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