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Your Summer Reading 2020

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

While business books may not be everyone’s antidote to the ongoing pandemic, I’ve prepared my annual summer reading list with our new work world in mind for those who find solace and inspiration in the well crafted storytelling and lessons non fiction biz books can offer.

Uncertainty is omnipresent so one title help us prepare for the future by understanding demographics in Canada, another helps business people think about the future of their company by learning from the biggest and arguably the smartest company in the world. Another book focuses on creating fearless and especially safe workplaces, another dials up inclusion and diversity another helping us get things done stress free in our disrupted work world and the most important communication handbook ever written is also on the list. There’s even a title, soon to be released that I’ll plead to being ridiculously biased about in this years summer list.

1.  Unleashed, the Unapologetic Leaders Guide to Empowering Everyone Around You by Frances Frei and Anne Moriss June 2020. Drives home the point leadership is not about you, it’s about how effective people are in your absence. Great insight on creating LGBTQ+ welcoming workplaces.

2.  Next, Where to Live, What to Buy, and Who Will Lead Canada’s Future Darrell Bricker March 2020. The CEO of one of the worlds premier research houses helping us all prepare for the future by understanding the story told by Canada’s shifting demographics.

3.  Bezonomics, How Amazon is Changing Our Lives by Brian Dumaine May 2020. Fascinating lessons from the worlds biggest and arguably smartest company and how one encounter with an author by founder Jeff Bezos shaped the company and its fortunes.

4.  Range, Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein 2019. Great evidence that the more “wicked” the problem you are trying to solve, the more generalists can help.

5.  The fearless organization, Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth by Amy Edmondson 2019. Brilliantly making the argument of how truly effective teams function: they create psychologically safe workplaces where people can bring their best and speak their minds.

6.  Getting things done, the Art of stress-free productivity by David Allen 2015. Allen’s task capture approach to clearing the mind and enabling our best effort is powerful and has the capacity to boost anyone’s productivity. The tools are timeless, easy and they work.

7.  Nonviolent communication, A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg, 2015.  The quintessential interpersonal communication handbook for   humanity. Should be required reading for all humans.

8.  Humanity at Work, Leading for Better Relationships and Results by Pierre Battah, September 8th 2020. 

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