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August 31, 2016

I rarely talk or write about the workplace lessons sport can teach us. I believe the workplace to be much more complicated and nuanced than sports defined by wins and losses to say nothing of the fact that many people do not relate to sport, especially professional sports. However, the accomplishments of the Cinderella team the Leicester Foxes winning the English Premier Soccer League in stunning fashion under the guidance of modest Italian manager Claudio Ranieri is truly remarkable.  The work...

August 12, 2016

A colleague went for an interview recently and during their boardroom chat with two company representatives, the door gently opened, a person who didn’t introduce themselves stood in the doorway with arms crossed sporting a scowl while overseeing the proceedings. “How rude” my colleague said to me afterwards and, as it turns out, it was a sign of things to come from a rude and difficult senior manager. “Didn’t that person’s parents teach them any better!” she quipped, espousing the view that so...

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