The Mobilized Workplace: Strengthening Leadership, Confidence, and Capability

The purpose of managers is to mobilize their workforce, and Pierre understands that this goal is only achieved through confident, capable leadership that creates a workplace culture that enables people to do their very best work. By directly challenging accepted, conventional thinking, Pierre’s work creates the space for new systems, new thoughts, and decisive change to occur. His goal is to arm his clients with the tools and processes required to build the confidence necessary to lead successfully. Pierre understands the challenges faced by emerging and seasoned managers, and has the experience and body of work necessary to lead people beyond inspiration to real growth.


Pierre’s work maintains a balance between powerful content and compelling delivery. In his speeches, through a blend of humour, storytelling, interpretation of current events, and the practical analysis and application of preeminent research, his audiences laugh, think, feel, and connect while attaining the means to develop their confidence and capability to lead others.


Pierre understands the unique information sought by different audiences, and tailors his speaking engagements to suit their needs. Below is just a sample of keynotes that have been particularly well-received by audiences from various sectors and fields.

Leading for Purpose, Learning and Growth


This keynote or workshop focuses on strategies and proven practical tools you can use to make progress on your people leadership challenges. The intent is to inspire and equip team leaders to engage and mobilize their teams and deliver results. How leaders show up and how their values create ethical workplaces will be covered, along with the way your leadership habits and systems influence your team’s productivity and your own. Other themes include how we intervene as leaders, rewarding and recognizing progress, instilling a culture of improvement and creating a learning culture defined by self awareness, productivity and empowerment. 

Leading Change


Workplaces are defined by unrelenting change be it large or small, incremental or sudden, intentional or organic. People are tasked with leading or participating in a variety of change initiatives while striving to do their best work and deliver results. 

This keynote or workshop is designed to help you lead and support change initiatives.  It is based on research and best practices that are then translated into practical and proven strategies for success in the workplace. 

Participants will learn how to become a more effective change leader by showing leadership around change every day, by having a better understanding of the use of the drivers of change and by recognizing your personal change style.

Leading for Better Relationships and Better Results

Few of us are naturally gifted at both building relationships with a genuine concern for people and the requisite concern for results. Yet the evidence is clear that we excel as team leaders when we intentionally work at both. The good news: they are both learnable skills. This practical keynote or workshop intends to make your work as a team leader easier with useful, quick to implement tools that build our capabilities on both the people and results sides of the leadership equation. Creating meaningful work for others, delegation and building your team’s problem-solving capabilities are among the themes.


Building and Strengthening a Healthy Workplace Culture


Workplaces can be complex, demanding and increasingly defined by unrelenting change. They can also be affirming places where we bring the best of ourselves, our expertise and our years of learning. Workplaces are capable of being an environment where we strive to make a positive impact on the world. 


This keynote or workshop, intended for all team members, will create an opportunity for participants to learn leadership behaviours and practices, regardless of their role, that shape a healthy workplace culture. Participants will learn how our behaviours contribute to a healthy workplace defined by concern for people and results characterized by respect, civility and decency. Themes of collaboration, positivity and teamwork are also explored.

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