The Mobilized Workplace: Strengthening Leadership, Confidence, and Capability

The purpose of managers is to mobilize their workforce, and Pierre understands that this goal is only achieved through confident, capable leadership that creates a workplace culture that enables people to do their very best work. By directly challenging accepted, conventional thinking, Pierre’s work creates the space for new systems, new thoughts, and decisive change to occur. His goal is to arm his clients with the tools and processes required to build the confidence necessary to lead successfully. Pierre understands the challenges faced by emerging and seasoned managers, and has the experience and body of work necessary to lead people beyond inspiration to real growth.


Pierre’s work maintains a balance between powerful content and compelling delivery. In his speeches, through a blend of humour, storytelling, interpretation of current events, and the practical analysis and application of preeminent research, his audiences laugh, think, feel, and connect while attaining the means to develop their confidence and capability to lead others.


Pierre understands the unique information sought by different audiences, and tailors his speaking engagements to suit their needs. Below is just a sample of keynotes that have been particularly well-received by audiences from various sectors and fields.

Leading Beyond Engagement - Collaborating brilliantly so people and teams do their best work.


This keynote focuses on the most effective ways for us to make progress on the greatest challenges facing our communities, institutions and workplaces. The intent is to inspire those in formal and informal roles of authority to see leadership as a practice, as something you experiment with and most importantly, something you exercise every day with a particular emphasis on collaboration.

Leading Change - How to effectively bring about change and successfully reduce resistance.


This keynote focuses on the skills to effectually lead and support change initiatives. It is based on research and best practices that are translated into practical and proven strategies for success in the workplace. Particular emphasis is placed on the work of John Kotter and other preeminent authorities on leading change management principles and practices.

Demystifying the Multigenerational Workplace - Bringing out the best in everyone.


This keynote focuses on today’s workplace which has multigenerational challenges like never before. It touches on the characteristics of the different age groups working together where harmony and effectiveness between various generations are not always a given. Knowing how to adapt communication and management styles to different generations and ensuring that these differences become an added value to the workplace are at the heart of the presentation.


Finding Happiness at Work - Discovering meaning in complex times.


Researchers tell us the more we chase happiness the more elusive it becomes. This keynote focuses on deriving meaning from work, enhancing individual wellbeing and managing our ever increasing workplace distractions. Finding ways to boost employee engagement while enhancing everyone’s job satisfaction are an integral part of the presentation.

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