Humanity at Work:
Leading for Better Relationships and Results

With trademark humor and conversational style, this new book from Pierre Battah, a leading human resources specialist in Canada, is exactly the portable mentor that business leaders need to strengthen an engaged and energized workplace culture. He discusses:


  • The human connection and how it must form part of the employment relationship

  • How this connection can create a learning culture: leaders become more self-aware and a safe space is created for staff to learn, engage, and find meaning in what they do

  • How to lead for results and relationships

  • Company values and authentic implementation, the ethical slippery slope

  • How to choose to not go negative, positivity, optimism and the consequences

  • The Leadership Fishbowl – anger management and self-control

  • Letting other voices be heard with active listening

  • Finding meaning in work, recognition and rewards

  • Delegation, prioritization, multi-tasking, shutdown rituals and placing work where it belongs


With numerous examples from Battah’s extensive experience, and searching questions at the end of each chapter, Humanity at Work is a must-read for every leader wanting to balance results with relationships, positivity and a strong values base, and deal with the many complex workplace issues.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Plan International Canada, who strive for a just world that advances children's rights and equality for girls.  

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