De la formation qui colle - 5 secrets pour une formation réussie en milieu de travail!

C’est arrivé à la plupart d’entre nous. Nous assistons à une excellente présentation ou à un séminaire de formation et nous retournons au travail avec les meilleures intentions d’utiliser immédiatement nos compétences, outils ou savoir nouvellement acquis. Nous essayons quelque chose de nouveau, nous nous sentons mal à l’aise avec peu d’appui pour nos efforts qui s’estompent peu à peu ou qui sont carrément abandonnés. Puis, un beau jour, nous tombons sur les documents et nous déplorons comment la mise en pratique de ces nouvelles idées aurait été bénéfique. Nous pouvons comprendre pourquoi les employeurs questionnent parfois la valeur d’investir dans le développement des employés. Voici cinq

Pierre Battah’s 2017 Holiday Book List

For the very first time, this year’s list is thick with revised and updated bestsellers. In two cases they’re from the recent past, and in another the gold standard in leadership reading from the last century. Outstanding non-fiction that stands the test of time is great but a bit challenging when the examples are dated. In these recommendations, the research, writing and the stories have been refreshed with great success. This is not to say that 2017 first editions aren’t worthy. There are a number of those as well. In the Oops we missed a good read from a few years ago category, a book that has its foundation in the language of love (ok, this is another first for my book column) is among m

Training that Sticks - 5 Secrets for Successful Workplace Training!

It’s happened to most of us. We attend a great presentation or training seminar, return to our workplace with the best of intentions to put our new-found skill set, tools or knowledge to immediate use. We try out the new thing, we feel awkward and unsupported in our efforts and it fades away or we consciously give up. Then sometime later we stumble across the materials and lament how great it would have been to put those new ideas into practice. We can understand why employers sometimes question the value of investing in employee development. Here are five ways to ensure that workplace training and learning sticks: 1.The boss - Hold learners accountable. Many organizations ensure the immedia