Would you rather your feedback formal and infrequent or frequent and informal?

Charline’s story is unfortunately a common one. She is left wondering how well she’s doing in her job. She delivers, has positive relationships and has a reputation as a boss people like working with. Lately she’s been asking herself why it’s so difficult for her to receive the ongoing feedback she requires to be confident she is on the right track, make progress and feel good about her job. A year is a long time to wait for the formal review. Charline is not alone. It is well documented that many supervisors and managers procrastinate in providing the feedback employees crave. Admittedly some cultures frown on giving direct feedback to somebody be it positive or negative. But in most cases

The Wisdom, Power and Fun of Workplace Celebrations

After the 2017 Houston Astros won game 7 and Baseball’s World Series, the cameras turned to a group of exuberant athletes and their bosses jumping up and down in celebration followed by drenching themselves in various beverages. Given the devastation from the floods and winds of hurricane Andrew their city had survived, it wasn’t surprising the win was a feel-good story for players, fans and non-fans alike. The celebrations reportedly went on for days in Houston neighbourhoods, schools and workplaces. Remembering that for these players, coaches and personnel the post victory celebration was essentially a workplace celebration, it got me thinking about how and what we celebrate in everyday w