Grit Might Just Be It

Employers have long looked for the holy grail of predictors of exceptional future performers. What is that one thing that, if found in candidates, would assure success and a great addition to the team? The long held perspective is that past performance is the best predictor of future performance, but what is the one thing that foretells exceptional performance? Remarkable talent and intelligence, both IQ and more recently social or emotional intelligence, have been touted as the thing, not to mention one’s networks, upbringing, charisma, or the right schools. As it turns out, it may have much more to do with one's passion for achieving long term objectives and the tenacity and perseverance f

“The Right to Disconnect” and Other Worthwhile Conversations with Your Boss

On January 1, 2017 the French government instituted sweeping changes governing workplaces in France. Although the aim of the new law was to provide employers with greater flexibility in relation to their workforce, the “right to disconnect” provisions seem to have attracted a lot of attention. The law requires employers to make their expectations clear with employees once a year with regards to sending and receiving work emails and phone calls outside of regular work hours. France is the latest jurisdiction to recognize that leaving the office doesn’t necessarily mean leaving work given the technology at our disposal. Several global companies, mostly emanating from Europe, made headlines in